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Connecting education to business

April 10, 2019, by Laura Burke
Earlier in March, RB CEO Richard Versluis was invited to speak with members of the Platform EOC about our involvement with the Dutch Innovation factory and ICT education. (more…)

Our experience at the Airline Performance Summit NZ

April 9, 2019, by Laura Burke
After a 23-hour trip from Schiphol, Amsterdam our CEO Richard Versluis and CGO Rich Mott touched down in Auckland, New Zealand for the Airline Performance 3-day summit. (more…)

@flywitheva blogs about her experience with RosterBuster

April 8, 2019, by Laura Burke
Join us for this week’s crew guest blog from Hong Kong based, B747 pilot Eva. Guest Blog by @flywitheva (more…)

RB is about to start its own airline

April 1, 2019, by Jeroen Derwort
RB, the company behind the wildly popular RosterBuster app for airline crew, will start a new airline called RB Airways. The company’s Chief Aviation Officer Ardrich Sluisver has made this exciting announcement today. The carrier will have Schiphol Amsterdam (AMS) as base. (more…)

Introducing RB

March 28, 2019, by Laura Burke
You may have noticed some subtle changes since the beginning of the year with our business, well it’s now time to unveil some significant and exciting developments. (more…)

RB to guest speak the Airline Performance Summit in Auckland, New Zealand

March 27, 2019, by Laura Burke
RB will later this week touch down in Auckland, New Zealand to attend and guest speak at the 3-day Airline Performance Summit. (more…)

Better work-life balance for airline crew

March 26, 2019, by Laura Burke
Work-life balance for flight and cabin crew remains a top critique of the job. As aviation professionals we accept the pros and cons for entering into such a special and unique career, but what can we do to improve work-life balance? Guest blog from AMS based flight attendant, Ingrid Mixed fleet - Long haul (more…)

TECH TALK – We love code, Laravel Live 2019

March 21, 2019, by Laura Burke
Earlier this month Suraj Adsul, roster expert from the RosterBuster India office attended Laravel Live in Mumbai. Join us as we catch up with Suraj, to find out more about the event and his experience. It was my first time at this major PHP conference held in Mumbai, India. It was a well-organized event and the topics were diverse and informative. I attended 7 presentations. I will share the materials and the key takeaways from each talk. (more…)

2019 Berlin Pilot Expo event roundup and Amazon Alexa winner

February 28, 2019, by Laura Burke
  Last week the RosterBuster team enjoyed 2 busy days in Berlin at the eagerly anticipated International Pilot Recruitment and Training Expo. The Pilot Expowhich was attended by thousands of flight crew professionals and aspiring future aviators, over 150 exhibitors and 30 industry guest speakers, was a huge success. (more…)

Connecting And Empowering RosterBuster India

February 14, 2019, by Laura Burke
Running a business with remote teams can undoubtedly be a challenge, especially when the teams are located on different continents, some 8000 kilometers apart. At the end of January, RosterBuster CEO, Richard Versluis visited the RosterBuster Pune office in India. Discover his visit and how he orchestrates an aligned global team. (more…)