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7 Secrets On How We Hire And Retain Talent At RosterBuster

August 10, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
Finding and hiring IT talent is really hard in today's economy. At RosterBuster we no issues with this; we have been able to recruit and retain some of the best talents of The Hague University. How we've done this is no rocket science; and we don't mind sharing. (more…)

RosterBot For Family And Friends Now Has Over 1000 Users

August 2, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
When we introduced RosterBot in October last year, we were not sure if the chatbot would find it's way to our users. With over 1000 friends and family and hundreds of airline crew connected, that are regularly querying RosterBot, we can now proudly say that it has. (more…)

SkyCrew Founder: “This kind of app has always been my long term goal”

July 25, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
We had a great first meeting with Thomas Kim in Dortmund, Germany last week. Thomas is a member of our advisory board. As a former Lufthansa airline pilot and founder of SkyCrew App and CrewTalk, he is very passionate about crews and has a lot of experience to share. (more…)

Always Up To Date With The Latest Flight Info

July 20, 2018, by Richard Versluis
Most airlines provide crews basic information about their upcoming flights. Today, passengers are way better informed than airline crews are. Crews are forced to use airport apps to stay informed with the latest information. Crazy, don't you think? (more…)

Summer Will Bring New Stats, Apple Watch and Friends & Family Features

July 9, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
During our quarterly review at RosterBuster HQ, we looked back with the team at a successful second quarter and shared our exciting plans for the summer. What you can expect: new app releases with better statistics, a much improved Apple Watch app and the comeback of the much requested Friends & Family app, in a brand new format. (more…)

RosterBuster Pokémon Moment At United Stripes Party 2018

July 3, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
The United Stripes airline crew party yesterday in Bloomingdale Beach Club was a lot of fun! During the party, airline crew from all over Europe found their phones buzzing to discover they received 6 months free RosterBuster membership. (more…)

Crew About RB Conversations: “I Use It Daily To Message My Crew”

July 1, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
RosterBuster's Crew Conversations feature has been introduced earlier this year. Since then, users have been messaging each other in an ever increasing rate. After the update, we have seen well over a 1000% increase in the use of RosterBuster as a communication platform among airline crew! (more…)

Chamber of Commerce: “RosterBuster One Of The Most Innovative Companies in NL”

June 25, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
The Dutch chamber of commerce has announced their top-100 'most innovative companies' of The Netherlands, and RosterBuster is on the list! The grand final of the 'MKB Innovatie Top-100' on September 29th will decide the exact order. We are honored to have been selected into this elite group of companies! (more…)

RosterBuster’s Story Shared At Young Business Awards 2018

June 16, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
In the Atlas theater in Emmen on Thursday the 7th of June, the prizes for Best Young Entrepreneur and Best Young Company were awarded. During the event, I had the chance to talk a few minutes about RosterBuster and how it changes the lives of airline crew around the world. (more…)

New RosterBuster Office Opens in Pune, India

June 6, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
We are pleased to announce that we will open a new office in Pune, India on July 1st! This new location will contribute to RosterBuster's international growth ambitions. It allows us to scale our business further and service the airline crew community worldwide. (more…)
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