RosterBuster Now Integrates With AeroWeather Pro

February 20, 2018
Jeroen Derwort

RosterBuster Now Integrates With AeroWeather Pro

RosterBuster offers seamless intergrations with many useful third party apps. One of our latest integrations is the export to AeroWeather Pro on iOS. With just one click you can export all stations of your future flights into a specific RosterBuster Group on AeroWeather.

AeroWeather Pro is the app pilots worldwide rely on for current and precise weather conditions (METAR), forecasts (TAF), and much more. Using RosterBuster, is has now become easier than ever to have all the weather information you need in AeroWeather under a single tap. Each export it updates with the stations of all your future flights.


Of course from within RosterBuster we also continue to provide quick insight in METAR, TAF and NOTAM information for each location. But the power of AeroWeather is now also available for users that want the absolute best: the most accurate and comprehensive weather information available.

We are very excited about this cooperation, because by bringing our two leading airline apps together in this way, we managed to take another important step to make life for airline pilots easier.

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