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RosterBuster’s Bits & Pretzels 2018 Munich Visit

October 2, 2018, by Richard Versluis
Bits & Pretzels is the largest Founder's festival in Europe. Start-up founders, investors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders come together in Munich to exchange ideas and concepts. RosterBuster attended the festival and took part in the networking events. (more…)

RosterBuster Claims Top-10 Spot in MKB Innovation Awards

September 26, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
The Dutch chamber of commerce (KvK) announced the Top-100 most innovative SMB companies of 2018 on wednesday 26th of September. RosterBuster claimed a top-10 spot by finishing 7th. The jury praised the way RosterBuster helps crews to be more connected at work. (more…)

First Officer Jordy Jansen Joins RosterBuster Advisory Board

September 21, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
We're pleased to introduce Jordy Jansen, who is a B747 First Officer for Nippon Cargo Airlines, as a new member of the RosterBuster advisory board. His extensive experience as both an A320 and a B747 pilot makes him a valuable addition to our board and he has a career that many in aviation can probably relate to. (more…)

RosterBuster and Localization to the Next Level

September 13, 2018, by Richard Versluis
Even though English is the default for most communication in aviation, our users have requested that our app should be available in their own local language as well. This is why we have recently teamed up with Lokalise. (more…)

RosterBuster Is Scaling Up

September 1, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
As the holiday season draws to a close, at RosterBuster we are thrilled to welcome a lot of new hires. Our Puna office has been expanded with two ace developers. In Zoetermeer we made two new hires, while five new internships have started. (more…)

What’s Needed to Operate an App at Scale in Aviation

August 20, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
One of the most challenging moments any online application faces, is when it becomes so popular that it has to handle tens of thousands of requests per second, without slowing down. Scalability is really hard to achieve. It is where many aviation start-ups fail. We at RosterBuster have recognized this and have successfully countered it by investing in our technology. (more…)

7 Secrets On How We Hire And Retain Talent At RosterBuster

August 10, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
Finding and hiring IT talent is really hard in today's economy. At RosterBuster we no issues with this; we have been able to recruit and retain some of the best talents of The Hague University. How we've done this is no rocket science; and we don't mind sharing. (more…)

RosterBot For Family And Friends Now Has Over 1000 Users

August 2, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
When we introduced RosterBot in October last year, we were not sure if the chatbot would find it's way to our users. With over 1000 friends and family and hundreds of airline crew connected, that are regularly querying RosterBot, we can now proudly say that it has. (more…)

SkyCrew Founder: “This kind of app has always been my long term goal”

July 25, 2018, by Jeroen Derwort
We had a great first meeting with Thomas Kim in Dortmund, Germany last week. Thomas is a member of our advisory board. As a former Lufthansa airline pilot and founder of SkyCrew App and CrewTalk, he is very passionate about crews and has a lot of experience to share. (more…)

Always Up To Date With The Latest Flight Info

July 20, 2018, by Richard Versluis
Most airlines provide crews basic information about their upcoming flights. Today, passengers are way better informed than airline crews are. Crews are forced to use airport apps to stay informed with the latest information. Crazy, don't you think? (more…)