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Meet The RosterBuster Team.

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We are a team of enthusiastic IT nerds and aviation lovers. Our HQ is in the Netherlands (close to AMS and RTM), and we have locations in India and Spain. We support over 250.000 airline crew which are working for all major and most smaller airlines around the globe.

We take pride in the fact that we are the #1 Airline Crew App and hope you love using RosterBuster as much as we do developing it!

Richard Versluis

ceo Richard Versluis

Richard's Favourite Destination
  AMS - JFK (3684 miles / 5929 km)

Jeroen Derwort

cto Jeroen Derwort

Jeroen's Favourite Destination
  AMS - DBX (3210 miles / 5166 km)

Hugo Vink

roster expert Hugo Vink

Hugo's Favourite Destination
  BUENOS AIRES, Argentina
  AMS - EZE (7060 miles / 11363 km)

Roberto Garrido

senior mobile developer Roberto Garrido

Roberto's Home Base
  BILBAO, Spain
  BIO - AMS (720 miles / 1159 km)

Matthias Blom

mobile developer Matthias Blom

Matthias' Favourite Destination
  AMS - MCO (4566 miles / 7349 km)

Hans Prins

roster expert Hans Prins

Hans's Favourite Destination
  ROME, Italy
  AMS - EZE (840 miles / 1352 km)

Laurens Burger

customer success engineer Laurens Burger

Laurens' Favourite Destination
  AMS - ARN (704 miles / 1134 km)

Ashwin Kalloe

customer success engineer Ashwin Kalloe

Ashwin's Favourite Destination
  PARAMARIBO, Suriname
  AMS - ORG (4699 miles / 7562 km)

Poojan Patel

mobile developer Poojan Patel

Poojan's Home Base
  PUNE, India
  PNQ - AMS (4354 miles / 7007 km)

Sharokh Aria

backend developer Sharokh Aria

Sharokh's Favourite Destination
  BORA BORA, French Polynesia
  AMS - BOL (9639 miles / 15512 km)

Jaco van den Bosch

backend developer Jaco van den Bosch

Jaco's Favourite Destination
  TOKYO, Japan
  AMS - HND (5835 miles / 9391 km)

Pim Schwippert

backend developer Pim Schwippert

Pim's Favourite Destination
  AMS - HNL (7249 miles / 11666 km)

Murat Yilmaz

iOS developer Murat Yilmaz

Murat's Favourite Destination
  ISTANBUL, Turkey
  AMS - IST (1376 miles / 2215 km)

Danilo Kallan

roster expert Danilo Kallan

Danilo's Favourite Destination
  AMS - LHR (222 miles / 358 km)

Bilal Sedougui Daoudi

backend developer Bilal Sedougui Daoudi

Bilal's Favourite Destination
  AMS - CMN (1441 miles / 2318 km)

Rick Van Der Schoot

roster expert Rick Van Der Schoot

Rick's Favourite Destination
  AMS - YVR (4787 miles / 7704 km)

Mirjam Alberts

customer success engineer Mirjam Alberts

Mirjam's Favourite Destination
  REYKJAVIK, Iceland
  AMS - KEF (1251 miles / 2013 km)

Bas Mans

backend developer Bas Mans

Bas' Favourite Destination
  TOKYO, Japan
  AMS - HND (5789 miles / 9316 km)

Nino Ráchota

roster expert Nino Ráchota

Nino's Favourite Destination
  PRAGUE, Czech Republic
  AMS - PRG (438 miles / 704 km)